Abacus Teacher Training Program

Focused on complete brain development for you and your prospects

Abacus Teacher Training Program

Focused on complete brain development for you and your prospects

What is the Abacus and how can it help you as a teacher?

In today’s digital world, children are way too much dependent on digital devices. It indirectly narrows their mental growth, they struggle to solve simple mathematical problems and fail miserably in their early academic years. So, in order to help children become smarter and improve their overall mental growth abacus is introduced. Abacus is nothing but a simple tool used to perform arithmetic calculations & today’s is widely used in brain development programs.

Being a teacher once you get hands-on these skills then the sky's the limit

What's in it for you?

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Having a new, easy yet rewarding skill is next to impossible if you had a close look at today’s competitive era. We know what it takes to grow from zero. We spent more than 15+ years in the education sector understanding what works best for teachers from a different background from a parent’s perspective, in the end, parents are the key decision-makers.
Compared to other skills, learning an abacus is as easy as drawing a circle on a blackboard.
Yes, that’s correct?
You must be thinking I am a professional teacher and I don’t need any kind of knowledge to fulfill my dreams but, it’s not true.
Learning an abacus hardly takes a month and plenty of institutes are charging more than 10,000 INR every student.
Being a teacher we already have a good client base in this case it’s parents who trust their kids upon us.
During the webinar, we will learn many useful things and advantages of the abacus which are beyond your imagination.
On the other hand, parents are always willing to pay a said amount without giving a second thought, for their child’s overall growth, every parent wants their child to score more in their academic years and eventually get a highly paid job in the long run.
Abacus is the 1st step towards that dream and, you can become a medium between them, as we proceed to our advanced training, we will teach you how you can monetize these skills once you acquire them.
If I want to give you a simple idea of the earning opportunities in figures ill simply put it this way.
Suppose you’re charging 5,000 INR from a student to teach abacus and you have the strength of 20 students for an offline batch.
That makes you 1,00,000 INR a month simply by teaching abacus for 2 hours.
If you’re conducting online classes over zoom like I do then you can expect more than 100+ attendees for a single webinar.
Let’s think we are providing recorded videos for online batches & 10 students enrolled for your online video course.
Boom, you simply earned 50,000 INR in an hour and the funny thing is you don’t have to make an effort daily as you have recorded a video series.
Possibilities are endless if you know what you’re doing. We mentor you with end-to-end support until you become a master in abacus.

Isn't it amazing? If you think this is then without giving a thought click below to enroll in my FREE demo webinar on Abacus training where I'll reveal a new opportunity for you.

Why you should learn and teach abacus?

Every parent wants their children to become an expert and outdo their fellow mates in academic studies, to do so an early age quality education with the correct mindset is necessary. Being a parent we are well aware how important this is for children. When it comes to education no matter how expensive it is. If it fulfills the end goal then, people are ready to pay for it, which eventually fulfills your monetary goals.
Benefits of learning abacus

Benefits are endless for kids and ultimately for you.

What will you learn in Abacus Teacher Training Webinar?

You will learn how you can help children Improve Math, Visual Memory, Concentration, Recall & Better Retention for a remarkable future. While practicing abacus with Sateesh Academy we will train you on different methods and techniques which help you establish your own online or offline assets.

What is an abacus?

What are the advantages of the abacus?

Practical hands-on experience in abacus training.

How to monetize your skills?

Career & business opportunities after acquiring abacus skills

Benefits Of Learning Abacus For Teachers

We all strive to become better than our opponents or our associates, in today’s competitive world it’s difficult yet achievable if and only if you know what you are doing. With the right mentorship and proper guidance, you can make your dreams a reality. Abacus is an ancient skill that helped thousands of students to become more successful in their academic studies and, now you can become a bride in between them and their success. You can help your students with these techniques, your kid will start feeling proud of you if you reveal these easy secrets. possibilities are endless as people are ready to pay a handsome amount of money just to make their kids learn abacus by a professional. And now with Sateesh Academy, you can become a professional certified abacus trainer too.

Take a step towards your new 100% easy & successful new career path for FREE

Register For The Webinar Now!!

Register For The Webinar Now!!

About your mentor

Hi! I am Sateesh Konakalla, I am a teacher, instructor by profession. A founder & CEO of three successful startups in Hyderabad, India. In my 15+ years of experience, I personally trained more than 10,000+ teachers and 50,000+ students beneath my startups.
I am taking this initiative personally only for those who are serious and can think out of the box.
If you think you’re the best-suited person, then come join me on the eye-popping journey.
I will teach you how you can learn a simple skill and utilize it for your own benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions.

No. It’s a live webinar.

You can message us on WhatsApp: +91 6309525555

No. certificates are for course attendees.

Please message on WhatsApp: +91 6309525555 or write to [email protected]

Yes, there is! It’s not possible to learn advanced abacus concepts in a 2 hours webinar. However, we try our best to give as much value as possible in the webinar. If you want to learn further, we have our live training program as well as a pre-recorded course.

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