What is the square root of 54441?
Can you solve it in 10 seconds?

Don’t search for a calculator. You can solve it in seconds through Vedic Math. Learn Vedic Math at Sateesh Academy. Solve problems with lightning speed. Stand tall among your competitors.

What Is Vedic Mathematics?

Ever wondered how some people are able to perform faster mental calculations? Well, the secret is Vedic Math, an ancient science that was forgotten as modern mathematics overshadowed it. It allows us to perform mental calculations with ease and amazing speed.

For example, Vedic Math lets you answer the square root of 1024 within a few seconds. Be it Calculus, Trigonometry or Algebra, you can mentally solve problems by making the best use of principles laid by Vedic Math.

We, at Sateesh Academy, believe in learning with ease and accuracy. We help trigger problem solving ability of students through reasoning. Instead of memorization, we emphasize on solving problems through Vedic Math, which is based on mental calculation at fingertips. We at Sateesh Academy excel in providing genuine training to students and professionals so that they can discover new ways of solving math problems.

Why Do You Need Vedic Mathematics?

Turn yourself into a calculator

After learning Vedic Math courses, you can solve problems with 10x speed.

Defeat your scary subject, Math

Vedic Math provides many solutions to a single problem. Thus you will fall in love with your most dreadful subject.

Mastery of Vedic Math in short span of time

Unlike conventional mathematics, Vedic Math needs less time to learn and excel with good scores.

Our Most Popular Courses

Vedic Maths Mastery - Recorded Course

If mathematics drags you back from scoring amazing marks in exams, our Vedic Maths Mastery course is here to help you. Even if your fundamentals of mathematics are not strong, you can still solve problems with ease. Whether you are preparing for college placements or for any competitive exams, problem-solving skills are always helpful.

Advanced Techniques Of Vedic Maths - Live Interactive Training

Mathematics has always been the most dreadful subject for most students. The root cause of this issue lies in lack of fundamentals. If a student gets his/her basics stronger, then Math can be their favourite subject. Our Vedic live training offers simple hacks to students so that they can solve any problem within a given time. In our live training, we make sure attention is given to each student.

About Instructor

Sateesh Konakalla- Founder & CEO

For aspirants diligently preparing for competitive exams, kids wishing to secure scholarships or professionals aspiring to hone their problem solving skills, Vedic Maths is a boon for everyone.

I am Sateesh Konakalla; Math teacher, instructor and founder of Sateesh Academy in Hyderabad. Hundreds of students from class 6th to 12th have already witnessed progress in Maths through our Vedic Math course.

Over three branches of Sateesh Academy and an already existing successful start-up with 30 employees rely upon my expertise to lead them.

My students are not confined to kids; entrepreneurs, teachers, and college graduates also seek my training on Vedic Mathematics to enhance their skill and stay relevant in this competitive world.”

Who can benefit from the knowledge of Vedic Math Training Program?

Opportunity for teachers

For teachers looking out to enhance their teaching skills, our program offers an amazing opportunity. After attending our program, they can apply for a new job and become a Vedic Math teacher. Besides, they can also learn a new and simple way to teach Math to their students.

Parents can learn and teach Math

Parents can now turn themselves into a tutor and teach Math to their kids with ease. Further, they can explore new teaching opportunities and become a Vedic teacher to earn extra income.

Passionate housewives

Make the best use of idle time and earn some extra bucks by teaching kids. Zero investment; amazing learnings.

Aspirants for competitive exams

Be it GRE, GMAT, CAT or Groups, you can now compete with lakhs of aspirants by solving problems through Vedic Math.

Graduates and professionals seeking out entreprenuerial opportunity

Our Vedic Math program provides extra income and skill for all jobseekers irrespective of their status of employment. A fresher looking out for a job can attend this program to increase their chances of employability or pursue a career in teaching. Professionals who are already employed can enhance their skill and explore better opportunities in their career. Graduates and professionals can also seek entreprenuerial opportunities after honing their skills through our program.

Start your entrepreneurial journey

Learn Vedic Maths from the best, impart the knowledge to others, and start your entrepreneurial journey. We are with you along the way!

What Our Students Have to Say

Thanks to Sateesh Academy, I don’t have to memorize math problems anymore. The webinars and courses made me realize mathematics is not a tough subject as everyone believes it to be. Tutors explained with detailed visuals, which made it easy to understand.
Rogit Tuteja
Although I was good in studies, I always failed to make it to the top list due to low scores in math. Mathematics taught in school was tough to understand and needed a lot of practice from my side. Upon suggestion by my cousin to attend Vedic Math at Sateesh Academy, I am finally able to solve Math easily. Thanks team!
Sameer Shaikh
Although I was good at teaching mathematics, I always look forward to teaching my students some amazing hacks to solve problems. After I attended Vedic Math course at Sateesh Academy, I discovered simple ways to solve mathematics. I can already see improvement in the results of my students.
Uma Shankar
I have been preparing for IBPS and RRB exams for the past 1 year but failed to clear the aptitude exams. I attended Vedic Math course by Sateesh sir, who helped me improve my aptitude by doing mental calculations. I saved a lot of time while writing the exam and finally cleared it. Thanks sir.
Nilam Mane
Aspirant for competitive exams

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons for a child to hate math – a child finds it difficult to understand concepts at school, or the fundamentals of the child is weak. At Sateesh Academy, we focus on interactive sessions with each student by explaining concepts of Vedic Math. Even a child who hates Math will find easy shortcuts after attending Vedic Math courses.
While home tuitions focus on completion of chapters and pay little attention to the learning ability of every child, Sateesh Academy makes sure to strengthen fundamentals of child’s math. Our most preferred course, Vedic Math helps a student to grasp complex concepts with ease.
At Sateesh Academy, we make sure to pick right talent among the pool of tutors to ensure students get the right exposure of subjects. Our team of tutors consists of people having vast experience in teaching. We also train our tutors to undergo enhancing their skills by frequently conducting training sessions.
All children eventually get better at math after attending courses at Sateesh Academy. Three months is enough for a student to pick up interest and improve in math. For students, who find it difficult to understand new concepts, sessions are made more interactive and extra attention will be given to them.
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