Learn the Art of Home Tutions without leaving your home

You are just a course away from Thousands of Home Tutors who earn a fortune by doing an Honourable job, Teaching!

Why Home Tuition?

Home Tuitions is no longer a local job or a side income, and It is a booming career for all who love to educate students and make their future bright.

As per the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), One in every four students opts for private tuitions. There are 250 million students in India. If you are smart enough, you can sense the hidden potential behind this giant figure. All you have to do is get a granular share in this figure and build your home tutoring empire.

Home tuitions was not a scalable business in the last decade, but due to the new digital revolution, you can now reach any corner of the world and personally guide your students to excel in their academic career.

There is a saying which says, “As you sow so shall you reap.”

As you have access to multiple students from different locations, your tutoring can guide light for many students and a hidden key to unlock the gates of wealth from every part of the world.

Benefits of doing this course

Who is this course for?

College students who want to earn their pocket money by Teaching

Teachers who want to start teaching business apart from their schooling hours

Lecturers who have specialization in a couple of subjects

Professors who have mastered a specific subject and want to share their skillset with equally interested students

Home Makers who have left their teaching dream long ago due to family commitments


"Excellent tutor, very grounded and humble, a self made person who knows his business very well and does not ever hesitate to share it with other learners. His sessions provide practical knowledge at the same time equipping you with loads of ideas and additional materials if you want to go deep into the touting industry."
Swayam Patel
"Doesn't matter if you are a beginner in the touting industry or already experienced to a certain extent, Sateesh sir's courses are absolutely a perfect match for your requirements. I learned so much in a months time from him than I learned from the free videos that took me a year to complete. I highly recommend learning from Sateesh sir to everyone."
Renu Satapathy

About the Trainer

Hello Home Tutor, I am Sateesh Konakalla; I am a teacher, an educator, and a home tutor turned entrepreneur. I started my journey alone in 2013, and today I led a team of 14 people with three successful branches. First things First, Don’t join this course simply because I am requesting you to do so, but join it to bridge the gap between you and your dream of Teaching. I have helped thousands of students and hundreds of home tutors to live a decent life. I have proof to show that how smartly one can elevate his coaching skills and earn a significant income that he cannot earn via traditional methods. I am confident that I can open the fortune gates for you, my only question is, Are you willing to step in and enjoy your fortune?

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