Become a Math Wizard By Taking Vedic Maths Mastery Course

Our course can make you solve math problems in seconds.


If mathematics drags you back from scoring amazing marks in exams, our Vedic Maths Mastery course is here to help you. Even if your fundamentals of mathematics are not strong, you can still solve problems with ease. Whether you are preparing for college placements or for any competitive exams, problem-solving skills are always helpful. Considering the rapid increase in competition, you can stay ahead of everyone by enrolling in our course and learning Vedic math.

Why Should You Opt For Our Recorded Course?

Don't Miss Anything

Due to our busy lifestyle and unexpected tasks, students and teachers fail to attend live sessions. Students have a hard time catching up with the live sessions due to their tight study schedules or assignments. Some of them might be tired and find it hard to focus when live sessions commence.

Watch On Repeat Mode Whenever You Want

Our recorded classes or concepts will be an ideal choice in such situations so that students can play them when they need. Recorded classes are also helpful for students who are slow learners and need constant revisions to master a subject. Besides, they can play it several times to understand each minute details with ease.

Become A Teacher

Our Vedic Maths Mastery course is also beneficial if you are a parent and wish your kids to excel in exams. After attending our course, you can gain enough exposure to teach math in a simple way so that your kids can learn and upgrade their skills too. Besides, you can give a try to a teaching career after gaining mastery over mathematics.

Enhance Your Training Skills

For teachers who always look out to enhance their skills and aspire to teach simple hacks of mathematics, our course is a solution. Before applying for a new job, teachers can claim their expertise by submitting the certificate provided at the end of course.

Syllabus Covered

Benefits Of Learning Vedic Maths​

Master in limited time

Unlike the conventional mathematics, which demands immense effort and time to learn, Vedic Math can be mastered in limited time.

Keeps the fear of maths away

Our course keeps the fear of Math away as it instills your child to love Math with its simple procedures.

No need to memorize

Students never have to memorize complex concepts as our courses help them to boost their problem solving skills with simple hacks.

Surpass the speed and accuracy of calculator

Students can surpass the speed and accuracy of even a calculator by confidently solving problems with a smirk.

Incredible improvement in academic results

After attending our course, students can witness incredible improvement in their academic results.

Increase in intuition and innovation abilities

It triggers the right and left side of the brain. Therefore, an increase in intuition and innovation abilities of students makes them intelligent.

Learn with visuals and pictorial representation

Our tutors make sure students understand each concept by making the best use of visuals and pictorial representation.

No need of paperwork and finger counting

Our courses enable students to solve any problem in seconds without much paperwork and finger counting.

Get a certificate

After completion of course, each participant will be provided a certificate, which can be used to prove his or her credibility over Vedic Math. Teachers can use it to apply for a new job.

Say bye to slow learning

Even slow learners can solve problems within minutes after understanding basic concepts of mathematics.

Increase in confidence

Students and professionals can crosscheck the problems without waiting for results and thus an increase in confidence.

Bonuses We Offer

Total Cost of all bonuses are RS 5000 And Recorded Course Worth RS 5000
And We Are Giving You Only At RS 1999

Bonus No. 1

  • Topic-wise worksheets which consist of more than 3000 problems

Bonus No. 2

  • Authorised certificate after exam

Bonus No. 3

  • Career and business support will be provided

Bonus No. 4

  • Exclusive Facebook Community Access For Lifetime

Who Is This Course For?

Teachers & Mentors

Teachers who are looking to upgrade their skills and become professional (certified) Vedic Maths trainers and mentors

Parents & Their Kids

Parents having kids above 9 years age can attend this webinar for their child's growth. People who are interested to learn new things will find this course beneficial.

Teenagers & Students

Teenagers from school or the ones who aspire to appear for competitive examinations like JEE, CAT and Civil Services

Here's What They Say!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons for a child to hate math – a child finds it difficult to understand concepts at school, or the fundamentals of the child is weak. At Sateesh Academy, we focus on interactive sessions with each student by explaining concepts of Vedic Math. Even a child who hates Math will find easy shortcuts after attending Vedic Math courses.

While home tuitions focus on completion of chapters and pay little attention to the learning ability of every child, Sateesh Academy makes sure to strengthen fundamentals of child’s math. Our most preferred course, Vedic Math helps a student to grasp complex concepts with ease.

At Sateesh Academy, we make sure to pick right talent among the pool of tutors to ensure students get the right exposure of subjects. Our team of tutors consists of people having vast experience in teaching. We also train our tutors to undergo enhancing their skills by frequently conducting training sessions.

All children eventually get better at math after attending courses at Sateesh Academy. Three months is enough for a student to pick up interest and improve in math. For students, who find it difficult to understand new concepts, sessions are made more interactive and extra attention will be given to them.

Yes, it’s recorded one.

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Yes, you will get a certificate.

 Please message on WhatsApp: +91 6309525555
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 Yes, you’ll get a lifetime access.

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