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What is this FREE demo webinar about?

Hi! My name is Sateesh Konakalla, and I have 8+ years of experience as a Vedic Math trainer. I am taking this FREE LIVE DEMO WEBINAR for teachers & trainers so that you can learn and have a glimpse of how Vedic math can open new opportunities for you, professionally & financially for FREE?

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What you'll learn in my FREE DEMO Webinar?

Nowadays, everyone wants easy money, but practically nobody is willing to spend their valuable time on hassling for their desired goals. With 12+ years of experience, we know what is essential to get started and in our FREE DEMO Webinar, we will be highlighting some of the basics yet useful points which will help you obtain the freedom you always dream for. In this FREE DEMO WEBINAR, You’ll learn?

What are the techniques and methods to master Vedic maths?

Know the advantages and Power of Vedic Maths.

​How to convert your Free-Time into Productive Time From Home?

How to enhance your child's/students brain using Vedic maths?

How this skill can modify your Profile?

How to create Awareness on Vedic Maths?

How to Build Business from Vedic Maths?

How to enhance your understanding of Vedic Maths?

How to monetize Vedic Math Skills for your own benefits?

And much more to combine improved benefits for you.

Be A Part Of 13,000+ Successful Trainers.

Available opportunities with Vedic Maths

Being a popular subject around the globe Vedic math offers a wide variety of growth opportunities for trainers with several privileges.

Possibilities are endless once you acquire a certain skill set to support your passion for teaching in different domains. Our program is not limited to a specific set of customers. You can start educating the vast majority of students across the globe to fulfill your financial goals.

Teach your students in classrooms

Take private tuitions

Teach students online

Become a teacher trainer

Start an E-learning platform

Competitive exam math training

Start an E-learning platform

Sell video course online

Become a mentor

Possibilities are endless, if and only if you're willing to carry yourself to the next level.

Be A Part Of 13,000+ Successful Trainers.

Why Learning with Sateesh Academy?

Established in 2011, Sateesh Academy Trained 80,000+ Children in different states of India along with 7,400+ teachers, with a network of more than 170+ cities in India. Our certified experienced Trainers are specialized in managing kids during studies to make it more easy and fun, that is what makes us different.

We will take care of your child the same as we do for our kids”. It’s our promise!

Highlights of Sateesh academy

Expert trainers

Localized training facilities

Choice of trainers

Quality support

170+ franchises

98% Success rate

Online classes

Be A Part Of 13,000+ Successful Trainers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. It’s 90mins live webinar.

You can message us on WhatsApp: +91 6309525555

No. certificates are for course attendees.

Yes, there is! It’s not possible to learn advanced abacus concepts in a 2 hours webinar. However, we try our best to give as much value as possible in the webinar. If you want to learn further, we have our live training program as well as a pre-recorded course.

Be A Part Of 13,000+ Successful Trainers.

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