Hello Teachers! Do you want to increase your income?

Then, it's time to learn a new skill. i.e. Vedic Maths

Hello I am Sateesh Konkalla, founder of Sateesh Academy and your mentor for learning one of the most ancient yet a very powerful skill in today’s age, i.e. Vedic Mathematics. I am conducting a webinar for you where I will take you through the journey towards mastering Vedic Maths.

Why One Should Learn Vedic Maths?

What will you learn in Vedic Maths Webinar?

Benefits Of Learning Vedic Maths For Teachers

Know The Techniques & Methods Of Vedic Maths




90 Minutes of Live Workshop + 30 Minutes Q&A Session

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. It’s a live webinar.

You can message us on WhatsApp: +91 6309525555

No. Certificate are for course attendees.

Please message on WhatsApp: +91 6309525555
or write to saisateesh.konakalla@gmail.com

Yes, there is! It’s not possible to learn advance Vedic Maths concepts in 2 hours webinar. However, we try our best to give as much as value possible in webinar. If you want to learn further, we have our live training program as well as pre-recorded course.

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