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About the

  • Comprehensive Learning

    Dive into an extensive Vedic Maths course crafted for holistic learning, ensuring you acquire all the necessary skills to become a proficient teacher.

  • Flexible Learning

    Enjoy the convenience of lifetime access to class recordings. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, and revisit complex topics for mastery.

  • Complimentary Materials

    Enhance your learning journey with a complimentary set of detailed books. Spanning 6 levels, these books are delivered to you, providing an all-encompassing grasp of Vedic Maths.

  • International Certification

    On completion, you'll be awarded a Teacher Trainer Certificate, an international credential that endorses your Vedic Maths teaching expertise.

  • Business Opportunity

    Expand beyond teaching with sessions designed to guide you in establishing your own Vedic Maths venture, turning skills into opportunities.

Opportunities with Vedic Maths

  • Home Teaching

    Transform any room into a vibrant learning environment, making your home a center for child-centric Vedic Maths education.

  • Online Teaching

    Utilize digital platforms to reach and teach students across the globe, offering flexibility and a broader teaching scope.

  • Institute Creation

    Establish your own educational institute focused on Vedic Maths, positioning yourself as a leader in math education within your community.

  • School Teaching Opportunities

    Leverage your certification in Vedic Maths to secure teaching positions in schools internationally, enhancing your career prospects.

  • School Collaborations

    Form partnerships with schools to introduce and integrate Vedic Maths into their curriculum, generating income through educational consultancy and program development.

Meet Your Mentor

Sateesh Konakalla

Sateesh Konakalla has a distinguished 15+ year track record in the education sector, having trained over 10,000 teachers and educated 50,000+ students. As the founder and CEO of three thriving startups in Hyderabad, his expertise ensures you’re learning from one of the best in the field. Trust your education to someone who has truly shaped the industry.

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1000+ people are earning more than 10,000 INR a month as an extra income by spending 2 to 3 hrs daily after learning Vedic Math . You can also become a certified Vedic Maths Teacher.


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