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We urge you to read the Disclaimer carefully before using the Website.

In spite of the fact that we sincerely try to ensure that the earnings and income statements made by sateeshacademy.in and on its advertisements are accurate representations of what we hope you will be able to earn, please note that we do not guarantee what you can earn. Earning and income statements may vary between individuals, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve these income levels.

Any earnings, results, or income statements, or example income statements, are only estimates of what you could earn. There is no assurance that you will achieve the same results.

The earnings we represent from “Teaching Vedic Maths” or “Career in Vedic Maths” are based on many factors. These results and factors differ from individual to individual. Past performance does not guarantee that similarly successful results will occur in the future.

There are some unknown risks involved in this business and these can have diverse effects on your experience and earnings. . We are not responsible for your actions.

We intend all of the products and services we offer to be educational and informative only.

We strongly advise users to perform their own due diligence before making any business decisions and to independently verify the information, products, and services we provide, with their own qualified professionals. All disclosures and disclaimers on this website, as well as any offers, prizes, or incentives made by our company, should be carefully considered and weighed before making a business decision.

Our company and our products or services are not responsible for any success or failure in your business decisions related to any information we present.

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