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Vedic Maths Teacher Training Program

Mathematics has always been the most dreadful subject for most students. The root cause of this issue lies in lack of fundamentals. If a student gets his/her basics stronger, then Math can be their favourite subject. Our Vedic live training offers simple hacks to students so that they can solve any problem within a given time. In our live training, we make sure attention is given to each student.

Abacus Teacher Training Program

The abacus is a calculation tool used to perform mathematical operations through the sliding of counters along rods or grooves. The abacus can calculate roots up to the cubic degree in addition to basic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Abacus was invented for quick and easy counting of numbers. Around the world, the abacus is used to teach basic calculations.

Vedic Maths Training Program For Students

Many students find mathematics as the most difficult subject. Their poor performance in maths affects their overall grades in the school. Also, their confidence gets down because of the poor performance in the academics and maths phobia.
Vedic maths is the best and most effective solution to this problem. Vedic maths is the world’s fastest and the most ancient technique to solve mathematical problems in just a few seconds.

Abacus Training Program For Students

In today’s digital world, memory power, concentration power, problem solving ability and attention span of students is getting lower day by day. Even 4-5 age kids are facing this issue. This is a serious and biggest problems for all parents in our country. Abacus is the best tool to tackle this problem. An abacus is a calculation tool used to improve the math abilities and brain power of students. It is the best tool for students of age 3 to 10.
At Sateesh Academy, we have a team of expert teachers who are helping thousands of students to learn and master Abacus skills. We have created many success stories and we believe your kid too can take amazing benefits from our Abacus classes.