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When I was 19 years old, I started taking tuition…My 1st Month salary was 3500/- Per Month by working 3 Hours Per day & weekly 7 Days working…’s so less right? ….Because I don’t the market behavior as a student…….

At the age of 22, I used to charge 500 to 600 Per Hour. Read Carefully. Per hour ( Per class ) charges …..

At the age of 24-25, I used to charge 750 to 1000 per hour…

Tell me something, 25 years guy taking 750/- + Per Hour …is a Good income -? Yes, absolutely Right…

Is it a good income? What do you think about it? ….Because I started working at 19 to by 25 years I got 6 Years of experience…So I was charging high?

My answer is No! …

The reason for I was charging more…

“I Understood the Market”

“I learned what is Market Value”

“I learned how to demand High” 🔥

“I learned how to find the people who can Pay you high.”

I learned how to find the people who can Pay you high. 

Who taught me marketing strategies? No one!

I taught it on my own!

It took me years to do so.

Are you looking to charge more for the classes?

Do you spend 4-6 years and Learn or 

Do you want to spend 4 to 6 years to learn all the strategies or do you want to spend 45-60 days time to learn secrets from me?

Do you want to know secrets about how to charge 500 to 1000 rupees per hour for one class?

I am teaching for Franchise Holders As A FREE course…

That’s FREE training for them …..

By getting a Sateesh Academy Franchise you will not only make money from Abacus & Vedic Maths classes, but also by working in tuitions in weekdays you can earn an extra income.

What you need is just to learn the secrets of the market.

I am waiting for you…

-Sateesh Konakalla,
Founder & CEO
Sateesh Academy

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